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25 Jun 2019

There are several reasons why people prefer starting off with a workout program. Some intend to excess those extra pounds, others want to boost their cardiovascular performance, whereas some just want to tone up their muscles and be stronger. With the help of an arc trainer from Cybex – fitness equipment which is similar to an elliptical trainer and is referred to as a cross trainer offers a complete body workout that goes easy on the joints. 

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It is the right choice for all those who prefer to have an efficient workout that allows them to achieve their fitness objectives in a relatively shorter period of time.

Cybex International established as a division on Lumex Corporation – a therapeutic health and hospital products company that got hold of the patent for the prime Cybex product, isokinetic testing equipment in the year 1970. The research led the fitness industry in providing a scientific base for the development of workout equipment that helps boost performance with minimal stress on the entire body.

Cybex offers the best fitness equipment with its revolutionary and amazing Arc Trainer. This arc trainer machine works as a cross trainer that focuses on different body parts by combining different workouts in several different ways.

You can use this piece of equipment to train for power, strength, cardio, endurance and weight loss. This tool has a broad incline, as well as, resistance ranges, which allow the user to simulate 3 different machines into a single one. The lower inclined levels help stimulate the glide of a cross country skier, the mid-range levels simulate like an elliptical trainer, and the higher levels simulate climbing of a stepper. 

The gympros stairmaster sale Cybex equipment provides its users with an effective workout and research indicates that it helps burn more calories than using an elliptical trainer. The reason behind this fitness equipment is that it burns a lot of calories that it engages the quads and glutes, which are big muscles that require more energy when worked. 

One of the greatest benefits of doing this type of workout is its lower rate of perceived exertion, which indicates that the body is working harder than how it actually feels. As a matter of fact, research shows that the use of an arc trainer has a comparatively lower rate of perceived exertion than an elliptical trainer.


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